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Buy these great sailing CDs performed by popular recording artist Eric Stone and catch him live at any of the Sail America Boat Shows!!

Songs For Sail                        Songs4Sail1.jpg (20642 bytes)
Boatsongs Collections Volume 1 - Songs for Sail

1. Sailing Life MP3
2. Paradise In Mexico MP3
3. Southern Cross MP3
4. It's Not The Fall That Hurts MP3
5. The Manatee And The Jellyfish MP3
6. So He Sails MP3
7. Coast Of Marseilles MP3
8. He Just Lied And Went To Heaven MP3
9. The Same Boat MP3
10. Jamaica Farewell MP3
11. Reggae Guy MP3
12. Till All The Tequila Is Gone MP3

$14.95 + $3.90 S&H = $18.85

No Tax because you are buying on the internet

The Legend of the Lost Soul LegendLostSoul.jpg (3771 bytes)
Boatsongs Collections Volume 2 - The Legend of the Lost Soul

1. Manatee Island MP3
2. Humuhumunukunukuapua' MP3
3. Maria MP3
4. The Legend of the Lost Soul MP3
5. The Whole 9 Yards MP3
6. Sailing MP3
7. North Shore Reggae Blues MP3
8. My Sweet Linda MP3
9. I'll Quit Loving You Tomorrow MP3
10. Mekong MP3
11. Bomba's Shack MP3
12. 24 Meets 40 MP3
13. The Great Bull Dolphin Roundup MP3

$14.95 + $3.90 S&H = $18.85

No Tax because you are buying on the internet

Permanently Temporary        Permanently Temporary.jpg (2780 bytes)
Boatsongs Collections Volume 3 - Permanently Temporary

1. Endless Summer MP3
2. Everybody Wants to be Jimmy Buffett MP3
3. Gary's Island MP3
4. Journey to the Second Star MP3
5. Living it up Down Under MP3
6. Moon Over Maui MP3
7. Beer Money MP3
8. Permanently Temporary MP3
9. Ensenada Jail Or Bust MP3
10. Daisy MP3
11. He Just Lied And Went To Heaven (part 2) MP3
12. The Sandbar MP3
13. Saturday Night Girl MP3

$14.95 + $3.90 S&H = $18.85

No Tax because you are buying on the internet

Long Boards andShort Stories        long-boards.jpg (7082 bytes)
Boatsongs Collections Volume 5 - Long Boards and Short Stories

1. I Got Leid In Hawaii MP3
2. Meet Me In Mooloolaba MP3
3. Jesus Candle MP3
4. Somewhere South Of Somewhere MP3
5. Yellowshoes MP3
6. Crab Island Rendezvous MP3
7. The Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner MP3
8. In The Soup MP3
9. Latitudes & Attitudes MP3
10. On-On MP3
11. Sunsail Away MP3
12. If You Aint Been Aground… MP3

$14.95 + $3.90 S&H = $18.85

No Tax because you are buying on the internet

SCUBA Tunes Vol I                SCUBATUNES1.jpg (2567 bytes)
1. Blackened Fish Sandwich MP3
2. Hi-Tech Diver MP3
3. Scuba Radio MP3
4. The Parrothead Fish MP3
5. Wreck(ed) Diver MP3
6. Scuba Joe MP3
7. Today is the Day MP3
8. Skip the One-Legged Shark Diver MP3
9. I Learned My ABC's MP3
10. Is That A Moray In Your Pocket...? MP3

$14.95 + $3.90 S&H = $18.85

No Tax because you are buying on the internet

SCUBA Tunes Vol II                SCUBATUNES2.jpg (3857 bytes)
1. Welcome To Jamaica MP3
2. Close Encounters Of The Wet Kind MP3
3. Bomba Shack MP3
4. Scubaholic MP3
5. Calypso MP3
6. Wings MP3
7. The Whole Island Thing MP3
8. New Paradise MP3
9. Scuba Joe (Part 2) MP3
10. Catch A Puff MP3

$14.95 + $3.90 S&H = $18.85

No Tax because you are buying on the internet

Great White Christmas
1. Boudreaux The Cajun Reindeer MP3
2. Haole Hawaiian Christmas MP3
3. Hang Ten Santa MP3
4. The Christmas Song MP3
5. Great White Christmas MP3
6. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer MP3
7. Santa Claus Has Dreadlocks MP3
8. Christmas In THe Isthmus MP3
9. Rasti Da Snowmon MP3
10. Mele Kalikimaka MP3
$14.95 + $3.90 S&H

Trinidad to Tortola Two Great CDs!!! All Songs written by Eric Stone A True Musical Journey through the Caribbean from Trinidad to Tortola

Sheldon Clark; It'll Be Ready Tomorrow; Cracker (W)rapper; Goodbye Trinidad; Without You Here; Bequia Kind of Day; Dominica Discovery; Goat Water; Monkey Hour; Old Year's Eve; Lost and Found; Quick to the Batcave

$19.99 + $3.90 S&H

Songs from the Virgin Islands

Indigo Blue; Island Time Not; Lovango (Lov e and Go); Crazy Cat; The Beat Goes On; Dodgin Hurricanes; One Night at Corsairs; Lost Without You; Island Harleys; Hook, Line, and Singer, Driveway to Heaven; The Ballad of CJ

$14.95 + $3.90 S&H

Time to Fly

Americano, Ave de Paso, Calling In Well, My Second Favorite Blonde, Bad Tequila, Time To Fly, Life Like a Novel, Jimmy's Drivein, 51 Pieces, Angel Wings, Way Down in Mexico, 90 Channels

$14.95 + $3.90 S&H

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